Durable Exteriors

The objective of this JLC workbook is to help builders and remodelers understand best practices in water and moisture management in order to avoid callbacks and liability due to water leaks and moisture problems. Content will focus on knowledge of building science principles that govern water and moisture protection for homes, as well as practical flashing and drainage details for siding, windows, and doors.

Durable Exteriors Workbook Challenge

True or false: By code, all deck foundations must be a minimum of 12 inches below grade.

The bearing area of a foundation, which transfers the deck load to the ground, is a function of ___________________.

The joist spans required by building codes for an outdoor wood deck are _______ those required for common residential floor spans.

When beam spans are ___________, you may be able to use a single-ply beam.

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Before installing window trim, the windows must be _____________________. (Select all that apply.)

Which of the following is a suitable material for fasteners used to hold together a highly rot-resistant wood, such as black locust or teak, or a synthetic material with a long life span? (Select all that apply.)

Horizontal trim boards should be _____________ to shed water. (Select all that apply.)

Poly-ash composite trim stock experiences virtually no expansion and contraction with changes in temperature or outdoor relative humidity.

PVC trim expands and contracts across its ____________ with changes in ________________.

Wood trim expands and contracts across its ____________ with changes in ________________.

On a traditional home, the head of a window and door looks best when the trim _______________ the outside edge of the casing on each side.

“Lookouts” refer to ___________________.

When designing a classical porch, full-height columns would typically have a _________ entablature height than a porch with shorter columns of the same diameter sitting on pedestals.

On a classical porch design, a column’s ______________ refers to the top of each column

The eaves style shown in the illustration above offers what design benefits on a house? (Select all that apply.)


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